I love spring   2 comments

spring time here in the Rockies. Snow to frisbee in one afternoon on any given day. I’m busy working on book #3 with the working title: “Signs of Life”, slated for a summer publishing.
I’m also busy with my first multiple media presentation on the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt 2 springs ago. I am anxious to show the face of the revolution, as it is not on your tv screen!

Please send me your e mail address so I can keep you updated on my progres.


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2 responses to “I love spring

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  1. HI there!!!!!!!! I ran across you on Amazon and was surprised and pleased there’s another Szarek author out there!!! 🙂

    • Greetings CAszarek! I am delighted that you wrote to me as well. I am leaving for an eight day retreat off the grid. When you get a chance please e mail me @ turtleval@gmail.com and tell me all about yourself. Perhaps we are long lost relatives? What do you write? Where do you live?

      I will write back as soon ask can, probably after the 25th.

      Warm regards,

      Valerie Szarek

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